For Guys

We know the idea of pregnancy may feel overwhelming, but we are here to help you and your partner. At CORE, we provide decision support, nurse consultations, free pregnancy diagnosis, a support program, and more. You and your partner are not alone in this journey. Each staff member is specially trained to serve you. Rest assured, you will receive the information you need in an environment where you will feel comfortable.

What Should I Do?

Be Sure To…

  • BE PRESENT: Although she’s the one who is pregnant, she still needs you.
  • STAY CALM: Emotions can run high when facing something unexpected. The best thing you can do is to stay calm and take things one day at a time.
  • GET THE FACTS: Know what resources are available to you and what your role is.

Steer Away From…

  • CHECKING OUT: Stick with your partner during this difficult time. She’s feeling many of the same emotions you are as well.
  • PRESSURING: Making things stressful for her will only drive her further away. This is a team effort.
  • DOUBTING YOURSELF: You have an important role and your voice matters.

It’s true that an unplanned pregnancy can and will change your whole life immediately. You are not alone with these feelings.

A pregnancy before one is ready changes your life. You can no longer think about yourself, but must think of your partner and her needs, too.

One of the first and top priorities for any man during an unplanned pregnancy must be the health, emotions, and well-being of your partner. You two will share the same feelings, emotions, and anxieties. You need to be there for her during this time.

CORE offers free pregnancy resources to help! In addition to offering many services, CORE’s staff is trained to answer questions and help guide you while making these difficult decisions. The decisions you make now will affect you, your partner, and your baby’s futures.